24 Days of Reading

The great folks at Fastmail are at it again and they are running their annual Advent blog again this year. For the past two years (2014 / 2015) Fastmail has had an Advent blog series with 24 blog posts running up to Christmas.

Some of the blog posts are helpful tips/tricks to get the most of Fastmail account. Most of them are not company focused1 and include a variety of techno-porn you can read while drinking your morning coffee.

Fastmail Advent 2016 Blog

Happy Holidays!

  1. They will be focused on email & security. 

Previous posts:

  1. Getting back in the groove

    Something has been wrong in my world for a while now. You know that nagging feeling you have that something is off, but you can never put your finger on it. Well I finally figured it out.

    I got lazy.

    I don't mean the literal sense where I stopped ...

  2. Rethinking my investment in Apple

    If you're an Apple fanboy, the last couple of months have been pretty hard to take. The fall Mac event was the cornerstone of the shifting focus for Apple. The first part the fall event was actually the conclusion the announcement that Apple was discontinuing the production of stand ...

  3. Using Maximo to help train users on queries

    One of the challenges Maximo administrators face is getting a good user to get to the next level of experience in using Maximo. The biggest gain I think a power use can make is being able to transition from searches using the List Tab/Advanced Search to modifying searches in ...

  4. Why I chose [blank] as my next gaming console

    I've been holding off on buying a 2nd PS4 for sometime now. My oldest kid is starting to have friends that play online, so he and I have had small discussions on who gets to game. 1 So when word was starting to leak out that Sony was releasing ...

  5. Protecting Maximo from inbound emails

    I've been using Maximo's email listener to help shift requests getting emailed directly to the Maintenance Manager and Supervisors and into an inbox that can be managed by the entire maintenance department. Maximo has an out of the box workflow 1 to handle inbound emails from an email ...