New Raspbian Configuration Option

Looks like the fine folks at the Raspberry Pi foundation have a nice little surprise for Raspberry Pi users. They've added some new features to their boot configuration utility raspi-config. From the summary at Raspberry Pi Spy, there are four new boot options in the raspi-config settings:

It will allow you to set the following boot options :

  • Console Text console, requiring user to login
  • Console Autologin Text console, automatically logged in as ‘pi’ user
  • Desktop Desktop GUI, requiring user to login
  • Desktop Autologin Desktop GUI, automatically logged in as ‘pi’ user

One of the nice surprises is the updated configuration tool now includes a GUI version.

To get the latest version of raspi-config, you'll need to make sure your RPi has an internet connection. Once you get an internet connection, just run the update command - sudo upgrade raspi-config. Your RPi will download and install the new boot configuration utility.

Credit: Screenshot from Raspberry Pi Spy

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