Reviewing Arms Days Packages

Traveling and gaming don't always mix well together. If you play Destiny, you probably know that Wednesday is Arms Day. In the past when I was traveling, I would typically have to wait until I got home or how someone on Reddit posted some details about a package I haven't redeemed yet. I finally found a way to look at my Arms Day packages without having to log into my gaming console. 1

Here's how to look at your Arms Day packages:

  1. Open and sign in using your PSN or XBL account.
  2. Click on your account and select Profile.
  3. This will open your Destiny account and show any characters you have created that are is associated with your PSN or XBL account.
  4. Click on the character that has the open Arms Day order package.
  5. In the upper left, click on the 'My Legend' menu item and select Vendors. This will start to feel very similar if you've ever used the Destiny companion app.
  6. Just like in the Destiny app, you start with Eververse Trading Company. Click on 'Tower' in the middle of the screen to see all of the Tower vendors.
  7. On the left side of the screen you'll see a list of the Tower vendors. Just scroll down and click on Gunsmith.
  8. After you click on Gunsmith, you'll see a screen of the items Banshee-44 has for sale. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you'll see any Arms Days packages that haven't been redeemed.
  9. Click on a package once to get a summary of the weapon and perks on the package.
  10. Click on the package again and you get a pop up box that shows a detail of the perks rolled for the package.

So now you can check the perk rolls on your Arms Day packages with out having to log onto your console.

  1. PSN: MyGeekDaddy 

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