Accidental iPad Experiment

Sometimes you go out to try something new. Other times you're backed into a corner to adapt to a changing situation. A couple of months ago my MBP died. I didnt' panic1 about not having a computer because I still had my iPad and my work MBP. My iPad …

Capture and merge photos with Pythonista

A common task I have with my job is to do a post project inspection and create a report on my findings. This process involves looking at equipment that's been installed as part of a project, document how well the equipment is working, or investigate why the equipment isn't performing …

Using OmniGraffle for your iOS 9 review

Over the weekend, Federico asked for a little help with doing screenshots on iOS.

I followed up with some simple steps on Twitter, but I wanted to document them in more detail based on some follow up questions I got.

Use OmniGraffle as a screenshot template

Before you get started …