The insignificant things from your past….

Take a look at this picture below and for most people it may not mean much beyond a sidewalk that needs repair. You know what I see this picture? I see old fashioned woodwork, the steepest staircase known to man, brutally cold winters, hot summer days, and my first taste of independence.

Simple memories

Some images can capture a moment in time that invokes an emotional response from a lot of people. Or you can take the most innocuous image to most people and it hits a few people on an emotional level others cannot understand.

That’s the beauty of photography.

Comments from original WP Post:

admin: I was driving through town from quick trip out to Lake Norden and thought it would be a great day to get a few pictures around Grandma's house. As I was walking along the sidewalk I saw the water valve in the sidewalk and had a flash of about a dozen memories. There was something that always stuck with me about that water valve in the sidewalk. I can't explain it and so maybe it's just something that's stood out to me. But the experience was weird because something so insignificant as a water valve on a sidewalk could bring back so many memories. BTW - I do have a couple pictures of the house and will get them cleaned up and posted to Flickr for everyone to download.

Nancy Peltier: As I read what you wrote, the first thing to come to my mind was mom's sidewalk; then I thought, why would he take a picture of moms sidewalk? The whole time had I glanced to the left I would have seen the picture of her house.  I must have shoveled one too many times to know where you were by the looks & description.   I only wish we could get inside!