Simple Keyboard Maestro web clipper

One of the common tasks I have to do is cite either a regulatory website (EPA, OSHA, etc) or a local statute. When forwarding a citation, invarably someone is going to ask where exactly did I get that from. Instead of digging up the citation and going back to look for it, I now give them the a complete reference of the citation using a web clipper macro in Keyboard Maestro. For example, the following text from a previous post:

This paragraph would be captured and pasted as:

Update to TechTool Pro | The Other Side of MyGeekDaddy If you’re like me, you’re probably the go to person that family and friends look to for computer fix-it solutions. If you happen to work on Macs, then I’m guessing TechTool Pro is in your toolbox. Micromat has announced that updated one of my favorite utlilities with Tech Tools 7. 2013–06–27

Using a keyboard combination of ⌃⌥⌘-X, the clipper will take the highlighted text, the URL, the page title, and the current date and combine them into a text block on the clipboard.

The Applescript for the clipper is:

tell application "Safari"
   set theURL to URL of front document
    set selectedText to (do JavaScript "(''+getSelection())" in document 1)
    set theTitle to name of front document
    set theDate to do shell script "date +'%Y-%m-%d'"
  set the clipboard to theTitle & return & return & theURL & return & return & selectedText & return & return & theDate as string
end tell