Moving on...

I know I haven’t posted in a while and that’s part of what I want to talk about tonight. I’ve been struggling with two concerns about the family blog for some time now. The first one has been the lack of consistent writing on my part. I’ve been spending a lot more time on my tech writing and brushing up on some of my programming skills. On top of that, this summer has been a whirlwind with Sam’s baseball, Evan’s t-ball, getting time to ride, other activities, etc. Finding time to put together updates just isn’t making it to the top of the priority list anymore.

The second, and the one I struggled with even more, is the boys are growing up and my concerns on what impact these posts could have on them. Sam now has an iPod that can search the internet. That means Sam’s friends most likely have iPods that can search the internet. At some point someone in his circle of friends is going to get the idea of Googling themselves to see what comes up. Most of the posts I make here are all inside baseball family stuff. Which means everything I post here is nothing Sam wants his friends to see. I don’t want a post that was made in good fun for family come back at the expense of Sam or Evan.

So… as you can see what this is probably leading to is that I will longer be posting to the blog anymore. I will of course be be archiving the site so I can threaten Sam and Evan that I’ll show all their friends their naked butt pictures anytime they get out of line.

A couple of house cleaning items before I wrap up:

  • Facebook is not going to be my alternative place to post. I probably show up on Facebook less often than I do here.
  • I plan to continue posting pictures to my Flickr account, but with a private family group. I will send out invites later next week so family members can access the group.
  • Holly and I will attempt to send out random updates via email. Extended family should drop Holly or I a note if you want to be included.

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