Editorial Worflow - FTP Image Upload

Getting started with Editorial has been a challenge. Not because it's a bad app, on the contrary, Editorial is such an expansive app that it's taken me a while to get my arms around it. 1 To say I'm impressed so far would be an understatement. Both Gabe (@macdrifter) and Federico (@viticci) have done a great job reviewing the Editorlal app, so I don't plan on duplicating their efforts. 2 3

What I've really worked on so far is trying to recreate various workflows I currently have on my Mac and replicate them in Editorial. The first major conversion I've completed is my automagic FTP image upload workflow. On my Mac, the process works basically like this:

  • Select a file and move it to a specific folder.
  • The selected file is then renamed to a unique file name. Usually involving a date/time stamp.
  • The file is then uploaded to my site via Transmit, Automator and a Hazel rule.
  • The URL for the image is then pasted to the clipboard via an Applescript.
  • I can then paste the URL into a MD file with a Text Expander snippet.

The Editorial workflow I have setup works basically the same way:

  • Copy an image either from Photos or from a web page into the clipboard.
  • Open the document you want to insert the image into in Editorial and run the FTP Image workflow.
  • The FTP Image workflow will:
    • Resize the image to 500px width
    • Upload the resized image via FTP to the website
    • Set the full path URL to the clipboard
    • Insert MD image link into document.

So right now on my Mac, to get an image “automagically” uploaded onto my site, I need to use at least 4 or 5 different software packages.

On my iPad… I only need one. Now that's amazing.

Feel free to try the workflow - FTP Image Upload.4 5

Update (2013-09-04): I made an update to the FTP Image Upload. The update will strip out unicode characters from the document title variable DocTitleVar.

Got any questions? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter at @MyGeekDaddy.

  1. Like Dr Drang, I wasn't one of the beautiful people to beta test Editorial for the past 6 months.  

  2. Gabe's review can be found here

  3. Federico's review can be found here (and soon to be iBook too) 

  4. Gabe's recent post on keychain and his FTP Upload WF post were both instrumental in getting this workflow completed. I appreciate all his efforts on giving back to geeks everywhere. 

  5. Link is for the updated workflow.