Editorial for iPad guide in iBooks

Federico Vittici (@viticci), creator of one of the best guides on using Editorial for iPad has now come out with an iBook on using Editorial - Writing On The iPad: Text Automation with Editorial. 1

Ole Zorn knows how to push the boundaries of iOS. His latest app, Editorial for iPad, redefines the market of text editors for iOS, and, in many ways, sets a new standard for iOS automation and desktop-class apps. Editorial makes me want to work from my iPad.

Even though Federico has his review guide on Macstories.net for free, if you want to explore this app in greater depth, skip one Espresso and buy the book. You're supporting the great efforts by Federico to put out some amazing stuff on the interwebs.2

  1. Excerpt From: Viticci, Federico. “Writing On The iPad: Text Automation with Editorial.” v1.0. Federico Viticci, 2013. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright. 

  2. Federico will probably claim blasphemy for skipping your Espresso, so just buy the book anyway.