Caveat to Sort Order

I've had feedback from a small number of users about problems with trying to set up to sort by Folders first and then other documents. If you're having problems, double check if Finder is trying to utilize the 'Arrange By' filter. To check open Finder and go to ViewArrange By and make sure it's set to none.

Drop me a note in the comments if this still isn't working for you.

Got any questions? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter at @MyGeekDaddy.

Comments from original WP Post:

R. Blake Kessler: Hi! Thanks for all of your work on this. I followed your directions closely. The only exception was that I used TextWrangler (which manages the permissions itself) to do the editing: I only added a single space to the line: Folder to make it read: Folder Later, when that didn't work, I checked my English language settings / U.S. English as you recommended, and checked the permissions as well to make sure the changes were saved and consistent and that System was once again the only user with read/write permissions. I repeated the sudo command after each set of changes, and saw all of the Finder windows disappear. I did verify that Arrange is set to None in both places where that is possible. So far the display of my Finder windows has not changed. New windows come up sorted by Name, with folders interspersed among the files by alphabetical order. At the top of the box it says "Name," and clicking on that reverses the alphabetical order. New windows come up with "None" as the sort order in the settings, despite the Name bar at the top under the settings bar.

R. Blake Kessler: Sorry, your web site engine did not preserve the text strings as I entered them, probably because it thought they were HTML. If this doesn't work either, they were exactly as you described, with 1 space inserted after the first STRING and greater-than sign. Before: "Folder" After: " Folder"

Jason.Verly: Sorry for the late response on resetting post. I'll read through your comment in more detail tonight and reply back with any suggestions.

Jason.Verly: It looks like all you'll need to do is make your sort by the 'Kind' column.