Maximize OS X App Windows

I’ve been a Mac user for several years now and there are still things I cannot let go of from my Windows days. The first is how sorts files and folders and the other is how none of the colored buttons will maximize an app to full screen consistently. Using Keyboard Maestro, here’s a quick and easy way to get an app to maximize to the full screen size.

A couple of notes on the macro:

  • Because I use a couple of different Macs, the screen resoulution is different with each system. I sync my macros across my Macs, so the screen size can’t be hard coded like my original macro.
  • On my MBP, the screen size is given as a list 0, 0, 1440, 900. Because I need to use the 3rd and 4th value in the list, the resize step asks to use the 3rd and 4th values in the list.
  • I want to keep the menu bar visible, so 22 pixels is subtraced, screensize[4]–22, from the overall size of the screen resize. This is also why the screen is moved to position 0, 22 and not position 0, 0.

From there you assign the macro to a simple key combo or F-key (I use F3). You can download a zipped copy of the KM macro here: Full Size Window Macro