Fixing InfoPlist.string

In my post about Changing OS X sort order, one of the critical steps is modifying the InfoPlist.strings file inside the package. I’ve been contacted that in some instances the file may be corrupted - as seen below:

You can do the following in the event you find your InfoPlist.strings file in a similar state:

  1. Download a generic copy of a “fixed” InfoPlist.strings: Download File. This is just a text file with the altered Folder key already completed. You may need to right click the download link and do a Save As. Otherwise the file may open in your browser and you’ll see the raw text.
  2. Open your corrupted InfoPlist.strings file with one of text editors I originally mentioned (BBEdit, Text Wrangler or TextTastic). Any other editor may not read/write the file correctly. OS X’s TextEdit, the generic editor included with Mavericks, will definitely corrupt your InfoPlist.string file.[1]
  3. Open the generic version you download and copy every line in the file.
  4. Open the corrupted version and paste over everything.
  5. Save the changes and close the file.
  6. Open Terminal and run the sudo killall Finder command to restart Finder.

The sort order for Folders vs other files should now work as I originally described.

Got any questions? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter at @MyGeekDaddy.

  1. Another option is to change the extension of the downloaded text file to just InfoPlist.strings and copy the file over the version inside the package. After overwriting the file, run sudo killalll Finder to restart  ↩