Setup Drafts on multiple iOS devices

Here is a quick tip if you happen to be a multiple iOS device user. Drafts has a built in backup and restore function to manage your custom actions and the tab setup.

You can use the backup/restore function to create a psudo Drafts Actions image.

  1. Setup one iOS device with all the actions and tab settings the way you want.
  2. When the first device is setup just the way you want, create a backup of your Drafts actions.
  3. Now on your other iOS device(s), do a restore from the backup you did from the first device.

This restore will work on any iOS device - e.g. iPhone -> iPad. If the devices are not using the same Dropbox folder, just share the backup file from the ..\Apps\Drafts\Settings folder on Dropbox.

Now every iOS device will have the same actions and tab settings for Drafts.

Got any questions? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter at @MyGeekDaddy.