Melting the generation gap

God bless my family genetics because my grandmother is turning 95 years old in two weeks. She's still as sharp as I can remember and gets around enought to still help with the fall canning with 4 of my aunts. So when her aged Dell computer finally died the family wanted to get her something to continue to keep in touch with her friends and family. The final choice was on a refurbished retina iPad (3rd Gen). I was nominated to get the iPad setup and deliver it to her after I was done.

So earlier today I dropped off the iPad to Grandma and sat down to show her the basics of how to use it. She asked a few questions and got the hang of it pretty quick. One of my aunts was at the house and asked me a question, so I stepped into the kitchen to let Grandma use the iPad a bit on her own.

When I got back I saw the most wonderful moment a dad could ever see. My 9y old son saw Grandma struggling to figure something out on the iPad, so he patiently sat down with her to show her how to use it. He answered her questions, showed her how to use the basic apps like Calendar, Mail, and Safari. They went on for 10-15 minutes until my youngest interrupted them to see what was going on. I'm still kicking myself for not getting a picture of the two them working together on her iPad.

I tried to explain to my Grandma why she had a U2 album on her brand new iPad.

She didn't buy it. \<rimshot>

As I drove back home I was still amazed that something like an iPad could break down such a wide generational gap.