You're right, but you're wrong

There are only a few blogs that I have on my must read list. One of them is Dr. Drang's, And not it's all this. Dr. Drang is a kindred engineering spirit who covers in his blog on topics ranging from flashbacks to my engineering classes, his recent facination with Eddy Cue, to great explainations on his many uses of Python. Generally the good doctor and I agree on most things.

Until today.

Today I learned that the Dr. Drang is prejudice to those of us who use a left sided Dock.

They’re not like those bizarre left-side Dock people, who are a blight upon the land.

Like most engineers, my preference for my Dock location is pragmatic. I use a dual monitor setup at work and at home. Below is my desk in my home office.

There's a reason my home office is setup this way. Why? So it matches my office setup at work. Why? Since I spend most of my time at work on a computer I've setup my Keyboard Maestro monitor shortcuts on how my monitor setup is at at work, which happens to be on the right side of my laptop. Why? At work I'm at a fixed desk setup in praire dog country with the outlets on the left and the main return for my desk runs to the right. Therefore, the logical place for my 2nd monitor is on my right - just like at home.

See... pragmatic.

So with my double monitor setup, why in the world would I want the Dock popping up each time I move the cursor over to my second monitor? 1

I do however whole heartedly agree on one specific point... Yosemite needs to get the Dock position setting fixed before GM release. I'm currently running the Yosemite PB3 at home and I can't stand that the Dock on my home computer has to be centered on the left versus in the upper left (as it should be) like on my work laptop.

  1. Because only crazy people would leave their Dock exposed all the time.