Temporary home before the move

I'll be perfectly honest, there are times when a hobby starts to feel like a job. My goal of moving from Wordpress to Pelican has definitely moved into this category. The past couple of weekends have been spent re-learning Linux (for my new hosting provider), revisiting CSS (so I can keep the same look to the site), and learning the ins and outs of a new CMS (because nothing from WP applies here).

As a transitional start from WP to Pelican, I want to give credit to a few people that have either directly, or indirectly, helped me along the way.

  • @modernscientist: Her site, themodernscientist.com, runs on Pelican and she was gracious enough to share where she got her theme from on github. She also shared her CSS on github, which was a life saver because her CSS was not condensed.
  • @macdrifter: Gabe has shared his transition from WordPress to Pelican. He has other posts on his steps to move from WP to Pelican. I've used several of his posts as stepping stones to get over some of road blocks I've hit.

I hope to make the full transition in about another two weeks. But since the transitional site has gone live, I wanted to share a few thoughts on the move as things come together.