Apologies for the mess...

I'm in the final stretch of moving this site from WordPress to a static page setup. My goal is to work backwards from the most recent post and popular posts to the dregs of my early days on this site. At this point I'm moving on to my 4th platform since starting my site: Blogger to TypePad to WordPress to Pelican.

I can say with absolute certainty... stuff will be broken.

Since being on WordPress, this site has gone through three transformations.

  • I split the site into two sites - mygeekdaddy.net and theothersideof.mygeekdaddy.net.
  • I merged the two sites back into one and dropped family related posts.
  • I moved away from loading images and media through WordPress and uploaded them directly through various workflows.

This has given me a hodgepodge of posts to go through as I migrate to the new site. With the myriad of changes that have occurred over the years I've seen that I don't have just one way posts have been formatted - I have five. The time and effort to create a set of scripts to do the needed cleaning and fixing of post just isn't worth it to me. I don't have this site tied to any ads or ad syndiates, so I'm not messing up a revenue stream. I have a temporary domain for the new site so I can begin moving stuff over before doing the DNS switch. And with my OCD to detail, I would be chasing down each and every exception until I could push one button and automagically have all my posts converted to Markdown.

So this goes back to my earlier statement of how I plan to back build the site. A lot of my recent posts, say in the last 2 years, are already in Markdown. Those will just get reloaded into the site (if not already). I have some older posts that either I reference to on occassion or for some reason resonate with you guys. Those are the one I don't want to break. My hyper excitement on the upcoming release of the iPhone 3G may take a back seat for polished editing.

Either way I plan on making the switch over on Sunday night. Wish me luck!