Desktop Widget Charger

Like most geeks, I have of gadgets that fall on my "what was I thinking" list, some that fall on my "really do like it" list and then a select few that fall on my "must have" list. Items on the "must have" list are the ones I would sacrifice my beer budget to get replaced.1 Currently on my desk I have a mix of devices - an iPhone, an iPad, a Raspberry Pi, a BT speaker, and Twelve South stand. The common thread of all these devices is they require power. My desk has been an absolute mess trying to keep all of the chargers and cords straight. I while back I got a Anker 40W 5-port USB charger and have fallen in love with it.2 So after moving to a new office at work, I got a second one to help declutter my work area. Getting more than one of the same device automatically promotes it to the "really do like it" list... it's a rule.

The unit itself nice and compact, just a little smaller than an iPhone 5s. Each USB port is capable of supplying 2.4A at 5V. This perfect for me since almost every gadget I own runs on a 5V input voltage. The charger sits on the corner of my desk and can be plugged into a variety of devices. Just swap in and out the USB cord you need to charge or power your device. No more digging under the desk to unplug a charger because you need to power up a different device or running out of outlets. It's also the only charger I have to bring with while traveling. Since it handles up to 2.4A (plenty of power for my iPad), all I need to worry about is bringing the correct cables with.

The Anker USB charger comes with the charging station, a power cord and a very nice note from the folks at Anker.

If you're looking for a great way to clean up your desk, this has been a fantastic way for me to streamline cord management.

  1. Currently there are 4 on that list. 

  2. Affiliate link free. ;-)