Using Quick Find to return most recently revised Job Plan

IBM released a support document on Find option retrieves Revision 0 of the Job Plan. The crux of the issue is that when you use the Quick Find box in Maximo 7.5 or 7.6 for an item that has a revision on it, Maximo will return the first record it finds. This will normally be the original record, or Revision 0. The support document shows how to update the application presentation to sort the results based on the STATUS field. This will give a Maximo user the ACTIVE record over a REVISED record, which is what we want most of the time. The problem with this search order is a PNDREV record will now show up after an ACTIVE record.

Another option is to not sort on the STATUS field, but on the PLUSCREVNUM field. This is the revision number for the Job Plan. Since the highest revision will most likely be either the ACTIVE or PNDREV record, it will give the user what they most likely are looking for.

Using similar steps laid out in the IBM support document:

  1. Go to the Application Designer application.
  2. Search for the JOBPLAN application.
  3. Select JOBPLAN.
  4. Click the 'Export Application Definition' icon on the toolbar.
  5. Save the jobplan.xml to a temporary location.
  6. Open the jobplan.xml with Textastic, Notepad++, or your favorite text editor
  7. Add an orderby="PLUSCREVNUM desc" in the presentation tag at the top of the jobplan.xml file. <presentation apphelp=",jobplan/c_job_plans_application.html" beanclass="psdi.webclient.beans.jobplan.JobPlanAppBean" id="jobplan" keyattribute="jpnum" mboname="JOBPLAN" resultstableid="results_showlist" version="" orderby="PLUSCREVNUM desc">

  8. Save the modified XML file.

  9. Go back to Maximo and open the Application Designer application.
  10. Click on 'Import Application Definition'.
  11. Select the modified jobplan.xml and import it back into Maximo.

Now when a user enters a jop plan number in the Quick Find box, they will get the most recent revision, regardless of the status.

Bonus Tip

You can do the same steps in the Purchasing app to get the most recently revised PO. Just add orderby="REVISIONNUM desc" in the presentation tag for the PO.XML file.