Using OmniGraffle for your iOS 9 review

Over the weekend, Federico asked for a little help with doing screenshots on iOS.

I followed up with some simple steps on Twitter, but I wanted to document them in more detail based on some follow up questions I got.

Use OmniGraffle as a screenshot template

Before you get started, make sure you have OmniGraffle downloaded to your iOS device. The examples I used below are from my iPad.

  1. Take the screen shot you want to use as a template and save it to your Photos library.
  2. Open Photos and find the screenshot and copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Open OmniGraffle and create a new document.
  4. Make the canvas size the same size as the iPad screen shot.1
  5. Create a new layer on the OG document.
  6. Paste the picture on the new layer and use the object's geometry to set it to the center of the canvas.
  7. Create a new layer and make sure it's above the locked screenshot layer.
  8. Now you can mark up the screenshot and not change the original screen shot.

Now as you make comments or notes on your screenshots, you can edit/update them without having to remake the entire screenshot like you would in an app like Skitch.

Bonus Tip

This tip came from Ken Case on how to create a loupe view in OmniGraffle Pro.

  1. 2048x1536 for iPad Air.