Differences in password management

A while back there was a book to help couples understand each other called 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'. 1 I had a flash back to the book the other night when my wife and I had the following conversation:

Wife: Hey, before you go out, can you write down a couple of passwords for me?
Me: Sure. Which ones?
Wife: (shows me a list)
Me: Umm... I'm not really comfortable just writing these down and leaving them on a post it note.
Wife: That's ok... you can just email them to me.

I then gently asked if I could gift her a password manager app so I'd feel more comfortable about how they're being stored. I showed how easy 1Password is to use and she seemed open to the idea.

Until she saw the price.

At that point I was reminded a whole stack of post-it notes is 99 cents.

  1. I did the hard part and Googled it for you. ;-)