Solutions for a minor mid-life crisis

It happens.

You get to an age where family, life, and work are finally at a point that you don't say "holy shit" every time something unexpected happens. I'm starting to get to that point.

So what do most guys do? They get a car, a boat, a motorcycle. All great solutions to add some unexpected complexity to your life. Me? I started gaming again. The game that got me started again was Destiny. 1 I've dabbled in the Call of Duty games, and they would intrigue me for two weeks over the holidays, but the story premise and game action just didn't grip me. Destiny seemed to click on all levels for me. So I started playing. A lot.

Now the PS4 controllers are notorious for their lack of battery capacity and it was something I learned the hard way one night when I was in the middle of a fire fight and I suddenly get disconnected from the game. I hurried up and switched controllers to get back in the game. I finished off the fight and went to my box of cables 2 to find a longer USB micro cable. I found one that was 6' long, but when my wife saw me sitting 6' from the TV she said I looked like a 5y old watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Doing a little searching I found the solution on - 15' USB 2.0 Micro B Cable. This was perfect. I could reach from the PS4 to the couch with no worries.

Mid-life crisis fixed for $1.95. 3

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  2. Because every geek worth their salt has one. 

  3. Ok... I still want a motorcycle. 

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