Thoughts on Father's Day

There are only a few things in this world that really get under my skin. The person who thinks they need to take up two parking places right next to a store entrance. Someone who cuts in line because they're in a bigger hurry than everyone else. The idea of Mandarin oranges. 1. And this word...


There's a finality to that word that I just don't think most people can live up to. I know I can't.

The reason why I bring up this word and Father's Day is from a standing tradition of my family letting me go on a meandering bike ride on Father's Day. On this day I have no time constraint for my bike ride. I don't have to be back at a certain time so I can carry-on my parental duties. I just get to go out and come home when I'm ready. As I was riding, my mind wandered from thought to thought as it normally does. This time my mind connected the dots back to all the the things I told myself I'd do never do when I was a dad someday.

I'll never make my kids eat food they don't like.
I'll never spank my kids.
I'll never yell at my kids.

As I ran these proclamations I made in my youth through my head, I realized I used the exact word that makes my skin crawl. I also saw the futility in trying to live up to what I said I wasn't going to do to my kids. As I continued my ride I thought about how I could rephrase some of my parenting goals into something more achievable.

I'll try to understand the different taste my kids have.
I'll try to restrain myself from impulsive punishments.
I'll try to talk to my kids about things.

I can always try to be a better parent, but I can't expect to be a perfect parent.

  1. They're pickled oranges in my book.