Getting back in the groove

Something has been wrong in my world for a while now. You know that nagging feeling you have that something is off, but you can never put your finger on it. Well I finally figured it out.

I got lazy.

I don't mean the literal sense where I stopped getting anything done. I was still getting things marked off on my checklists and being "productive", but when I looked back on what I actually got done it was a bunch of busy work. I would answer emails, follow up on phone calls, sit in meetings, etc.2 So urgent items were covered, but the important 4 things I needed to move forward on had stagnated.

It's taken some time to see there is a relationship to my productivity to other activities in my life. 3 This site was ground zero to my previous personal success. If I'm writing on my site it means I'm being creative and looking up. For the past several months I've 1 been coasting and keeping my head down.

So I've started to work to get my creativity back on track. The last couple of weeks have felt like a cliché movie plot. The warrior is at the top of his game and becomes too at ease with his success. Pretty soon the warrior is getting slower and sloppier in his skills. Some plot twist occurs and he wakes up and realizes he isn't the person he thought he was. Now our star is challenged to start training to regain his former self.

The one part that hasn't been a cliché is how hard it's been getting a my productive routine going again. Just like the warrior star struggling to do sit ups, I've been struggling with focusing on the work I should be getting done. I hope plan to use the time over the holidays to get my groove back.

I look forward to reconnecting with everyone in 2017... including my former self.

  1. Autocorrect is drunk... I replaced "I've" 4x because it kept coming up as "I'be". 

  2. All filler, no substance. 

  3. Funny how the obvious can be so oblivious. 

  4. Review 'Urgent vs Important'