BIRT Data Set Types

This is complete a personal reference for Maximo BIRT Reporting. The information is originally sourced from IBM's Report Developer Guide v7.1 PDF file. 1

The following chart shows the database type, the corresponding BIRT Data Type, and the method used within the BIRT Designer to retrieve its value. This chart defines the data fields used during the Fetch method and how the Data Set Output columns are populated.

Database Type Data Type BIRT Set Method
ALN, CLOB, GL, LONGALN, LOWER, UPPER String getString(String attributeName)
YORN String getBooleanString(String attributeName)
DATE, DATETIME, TIME DateTime getTimestamp(String attributeName)
AMOUNT, DECIMAL, DURATION Decimal getDouble(String attributeName)
FLOAT Float getFloat(String attributeName)
DURATION String getDuration(String attributeName)
INTEGER, SMALLINT Integer getInteger(String attributeName)

Example of data types in BIRT Fetch method:

  1. I still use 5.2 reference material.