Protecting Maximo from inbound emails

I've been using Maximo's email listener to help shift requests getting emailed directly to the Maintenance Manager and Supervisors and into an inbox that can be managed by the entire maintenance department. Maximo has an out of the box workflow 1 to handle inbound emails from an email listener. There …

Managing my digital buckets

Sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious in our day to day routines. When you scan the headlines of most productivity sites you will see a common mantra:

Do more with less.

There's a lot to be said about that simple phrase and it's something I've finally taken to heart. One …

Oh, you needed something?

Background for the story:

9:42am - Email from \

Can you give me a call, I have a question.

9:53am - Email from \ again

Dropped you a note to give me a call.

10:02am - Email from \ again

Why can’t you give me a call? I have an urgent question …