Javascript Date Functions in BIRT

One of the common tasks a report writer can be asked to do is sort or limit information based on certain dates or date ranges. They could use SQL functions like:

matusetrans.actualdate >= dateadd(day, -7, convert(varchar, getdate(), 101))
workorder.reportdate >= getdate() - 7
po.followupdate - getdate() >= 0
matusetrans.actualdate …

How to embed .js files into BIRT

One of the most unique features of BIRT is its ability to use other programming languages to do complex tasks within the report file. Take a look at the forums on and you will see examples of people using PHP, java, javascript and more. This post will show …

Date Formatting in Maximo BIRT

Moving from other reporting packages to BIRT, you will always find that one feature you had in your previous reporting tool that you can’t find right away in BIRT. As I’ve continued to adopt more of my company’s internal reports to BIRT, I found date formatting is …