Cheese your way to 50 extra motes of light

With Age of Triumph comes the revival of some old time favorite weapons. The first one Bungie revealed is the Nechrochasm. This exotic auto rifle is obtainable by finding a weapon drop, called Husk of the Pit, from certain Hive enemies. Once this happens you begin a quest line to get the full exotic AR. One of the steps in this process is you upgrade the Husk of the Pit to a legendary version of the AR called the Eidolon Ally. When transform the AR into the Eidolon Ally, you're directed to go talk to The Speaker. The Speaker will give you 25 motes of light to full upgrade the legendary AR.

There's a way to repeat this step fairly quickly on your alt characters to get an additional 50 motes of light for free.

  1. All the steps assume you have an Eidolon Ally on your main character. This means you've filled out your Husk of the Pit and have already spoken to The Speaker to get your first 25 motes of light.
  2. On your first alt character, make sure you've run to the tower and have opened the Age of Triumph book.
  3. On your first alt character, go into the the NF this week (3/28) and farm the Ogres in the very first section for a 2nd Husk of the Pit for your alt. Keep farming until you get one. Pick it up and get the first step of the quest line for the Necrochasm.
  4. Go to orbit, and using DIM/Ishtar, transfer the Husk of the Pit to your vault and transfer your Eidolon Ally to your alt character. If you don't have an item manager, you'll need to switch characters to place the Husk in the vault and switch around the Eidolon Ally.
  5. Once you put the Eidolon Ally in your Primary weapon list, the quest line for the Necrochasm will now update and say you need to talk to the The Speaker.
  6. Go to the Tower and get your 25 motes of light from The Speaker.
  7. Switch characters and repeat steps 2-6.

You now have an extra 50 motes of light.

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