Letting Brett do all the heavy lifting

Note 2014-11-14: This post referenced a move from a previously used subdomain to my MyGeekDaddy.net domain. Consider this historic reference only.

I’m in a transition phase where I’m starting to move from a subdomain on my site back to the primary domain. Part of the moving experience is trying to recreate older posts back into Markdown for archiving. I looked at several ways to make archiving the posts simple. Go figure Brett Terpstra (@ ttscoff) has already made a tool to do this - Marky the Markdownifier.

The steps to using the tool are pretty simple:

  1. Open Marky the Markdownifier and paste in the URL you want to convert from HTML to Markdown. [1]
  2. Click Go.
  3. Marky will convert the webpage to Markdown.
  4. Copy/paste the converted Markdown into your favorite text editor.
  5. Done.

An example of this is my post on changing the sort method in Finder.app. [2] A snap shot post.

Presto chango and I get this:

[Source](http://theothersideof.mygeekdaddy.net/2012/change-sort-order-in-os-x-ml/ "Permalink to Change Finder sort order in OS X ML | The Other Side of MyGeekDaddy")

# Change Finder sort order in OS X ML | The Other Side of MyGeekDaddy

# [The Other Side of MyGeekDaddy][1]

# Change Finder sort order in OS X ML

Sep 19, 2012

Apple has recently released another update to its OS X operation system – [Mountain Lion][3]. This release has brought another round of Windows users to the Mac fold and like before, some of them don’t like how Apple wants you to look at your files. Windows users for the longest time have had files and folders sorted separately. Apple OS X treats them the same, so when you sort a folder by ‘type’, folders show up just after Files and before Internet Locations (those are OS X’s [default file type][4] listings). Here is a recap of how to change Finder’s sort methods to be more like Windows.

## Required Tools

To make the changes described below, you’ll need a text editor beyond the default TextEdit application provided by Apple. Some common, and easy to obtain, applications include:

 * [BBEdit][5] – My default editor ($)
 * [Plist Editor][6] – Part of Apple’s Xcode tool set
 * [Text Wrangler][7] – BBEdit’s little brother, still very good

The last item is a **good back-up**. Why? One, you should always have a good back-up of your computer, so here’s as good of an excuse as any to get your back-ups up to date. Two, the changes are to core system files. There’s always a remote chance that something could go wrong and you don’t want to have the prettiest door stop in neighborhood.

So now I can make an archive copy of the post in Markdown, make any needed updates, and repost to the new site.

You just gotta love what Brett does!

  1. Do yourself a favor and just install the handy bookmarklet.  ↩

  2. A version for Mavericks OS X coming soon.  ↩