Using Keyboard Maestro to drive Marked 2

My writing tools are varied based on where/how I'm writing - laptop vs iPad vs iPhone. But the final review process almost always ends up on my Mac in Marked 2. Marked 2 is a peculiarly wonderful app in that it doesn't directly create anything. Marked 2 is just for …

Markdown Test Snippet

More and more of my information is being written and documented in Markdown. But not everyone I work with uses Markdown. So the apps I use to write in Markdown are also used to export Markdown into a file format that works for the recipient. The current list includes:

The potential of Markdown + Javascript

With the resurgence of Javascript in variety of places - OS X, iOS and my use for it in Maximo, I started to dust off a couple of books to refresh my memory on a few things. As I was going over some stuff on manipulating date/time values and I …

More great updates to Marked 2

Brett (@ ttscoff) continues to amaze me with updates he's putting into his Marked 2 app. The latest update makes sharing your Markdown documents even better.

The most exciting improvement is the ability to add customizable headers and footers for printing and PDF export. You can insert variables for Title, Date …