Pushing Drafts into Editorial

Drafts is one of my favorite apps and a lot of what I do gets started there. I've also started to use Editorial as my go to writing app.1 So I finally got around to developing a couple of workflows for these two apps to work better together. One of my favorites is pushing a note from Drafts into Editorial for final editing.

The basic idea of the work flow is:

  • Take a rough outline from Drafts and push it over to Editorial.
  • Use the first line of draft to be the name of the file in Editorial.
  • Push the body of the draft over to the main document body in Editorial.

I started out trying to push the draft straight to Editorial:


But for some reason the [[body]] from the draft wouldn't get pushed into the new Editorial document. After some testing I took another route to get the body of the draft into Editorial. The final Drafts action does several steps with one click:

drafts://x-callback-url.com/create?text=[[body]]&action={{Copy to Clipboard}}&afterSuccess=Delete&x-Success={{editorial://new/[[title]].md?root=local&command=Get_Clipboard}}

This single action in Drafts does the following:

  • Create a duplicate draft to paste the contents of the original note into the clipboard.
  • Once the duplicate note is created, delete the extra note so you only have one working copy in Drafts.
  • Open Editorial, create a new file with the first line of the draft, and then paste the clipboard into the body of the new Editorial file.

The Drafts action includes an Editorial command Get_Clipboard, which is just a simple clipboard pull and text replacement:

The action has been added to my Actions List page. Click here to install the action: Send to Editorial.

  1. This entire post and the update to my iOS Actions page was done from Drafts & Editorial.  

Comments from original WP Post:

Bud Brown: Here's the one-liner you want editorial://new/[[title]].md?root=local&content=[[body]] the &input parameter is reserved to workflows in Editorial.