Markdown Test Snippet

More and more of my information is being written and documented in Markdown. But not everyone I work with uses Markdown. So the apps I use to write in Markdown are also used to export Markdown into a file format that works for the recipient. The current list includes:

The upside in all the apps I've chosen is that they allow a custom CSS file to be created to modify the rendered Markdown. The next step logical step was to get the same CSS files in all three apps so I would get the same rendered output from each application. This way I could give someone the same looking document from any device I happened to be working on. I got tired of saving, reloading or having multiple copies of a MD test sample while testing the CSS updates and tweaking. The easy solution was to create a Text Expander snippet to generate a MD test sample whenever I wanted.

Title: This is a MD Preview Test

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer sit amet eleifend leo. Vivamus auctor arcu sed arcu consectetur aliquam. Quisque mollis dictum enim ullamcorper molestie. Maecenas massa eros, euismod eget sollicitudin eu, fringilla ac eros. Phasellus lobortis hendrerit facilisis.

* List 1
* List 2
    * List 2.1
    * List 2.2
* List 3

>Block quote of text... lorem ipsum facto.

    Indented block code text field

This is a sentence using the `block code` apostrophes.

1. Number 1
2. Number 2
3. Number 3
    4. Number 3.1
    5. Number 3.2
    6. Number 3.3
7. Number 4

This sample block will show the most common MD elements I'd need to use when generating documents for others. This block of text is added whenever I type ;mdtest. You can download the snippet here: MD Test Snippet.