iOS Photo Merge for Pythonista 3

One of the changes I've been trying to adopt with shifting more of my workflows to my iPad has been to also move to my scripting from Pythonista to Pythonista 3. The key here is the original Pythonista app used Python 2 as the core language, while Pythonista 3 uses Python 3. The move to Python 3 has been tougher road to hoe than I originally thought it was going to be. Beyond the syntax changes in Python 3, some of the underlying libraries in Pythonista 3 have also been updated as well.

For example, in one of the most common iOS automation scripts I use is merging two images, applying a background border, and saving the merged image as a new file. The script pops up a dialog box and asks me to select an image from my photo library.

In the original Pythonista app this was two lines of code:

console.alert("Pick first image", "", "Select")
im1 = photos.pick_image(show_albums=True)

Pythonista updated it's libraries and that same line of code looks like this now:

console.alert("Pick first image", "", "Select")
im1 = photos.pick_asset()

In Pythonista 3, this required an additional step to assign the selected image to a variable:

console.alert("Pick first image", "", "Select")
img1 = photos.pick_asset()
img1 = img1.get_image()

After spending sometime over the weekend I finally got my photo merge script updated for Pythonista 3.

import clipboard
from PIL import Image
import console
import photos


console.alert("Pick first image", "", "Select")
img1 = photos.pick_asset()
img1 = img1.get_image()

console.alert("Pick second image", "", "Select")
img2 = photos.pick_asset()
img2 = img2.get_image()


w1, h1 = img1.size
w2, h2 = img2.size

# Set the width and height of each image
img1_w = img1.size[0]
img1_h = img1.size[1]
img2_w = img2.size[0]
img2_h = img1.size[1]

def image_merge(img):
    if (img1_w * 1.0) / img1_h > 1:
        # Landscape screenshot
        print("Landscape screenshot...")
        background ='RGB', ((img1_w+20),  ((img1_h*2)+30)), (88,88,88))
        print ("Generating image...")
        print ("Image saved")   
        #Portrait screenshot
        print ("Portrait screenshot...")
        background ='RGB', (((img1_w*2)+30),(img1_h+20)), (88, 88, 88))
        print ("Generating image...")
        print("Image saved")

if img1_w == img2_w:
    console.alert("Incorrect image ratio", "", "Ok")

Here's a GitHub Gist for easier downloading:

As I've looked at some of my key iOS Pythonista scripts I'm finding more subtle changes. I'll continue to point out some of the discoveries I make in my move to Pythonista 3/Python 3.