Capture and merge photos with Pythonista

A common task I have with my job is to do a post project inspection and create a report on my findings. This process involves looking at equipment that's been installed as part of a project, document how well the equipment is working, or investigate why the equipment isn't performing …

Updated image merge script

Earlier on Twitter tonight, TJ Luoma (@tjluoma) asked about a better way to merge iOS screenshots.

I’m assuming there is some limitation in iOS which makes it impossible to merge two full-size screenshots? Every app seems to crop them.
— TJ Luoma (@tjluoma) October 13, 2014

I had a simple …

Getting Pythonista to return text back to Drafts

Drafts has become my digital text hub for my iOS devices. But one of the downsides of iOS automation, and relying on URL schemes, is when you find an app you want to use doesn’t support a full x-callback-url scheme. I do some text transformations in Pythonista, but Pythonista …