Another KM Macro Conversion

The long holiday weekend allowed me to catch up on some reading 1 and some more ideas on matching my macOS automations for my iPad. In preparation for upcoming posts, I started looking at ways to get image links easily formatted for my site.

Since I write in Markdown, inserting …

Extending the use of Maximo's hidden BIRT parameter

One of the common queries used by Maximo power users is:

siteid = (select defsite from maxusers where userid = :user)

This selection limits records to the default site the current Maximo user is checked into. So if a query is saved for future use, it will work with any site a …

Adding Context Messages to your Maximo processes

One of the analogies I've used over the years is that out of the box Maximo is a giant lump of clay - it's fun to play with in its raw form, but needs to be skillfully molded to be useful. One of these molding steps is to put your organization's …