Getting back in the groove

Something has been wrong in my world for a while now. You know that nagging feeling you have that something is off, but you can never put your finger on it. Well I finally figured it out.

I got lazy.

I don't mean the literal sense where I stopped getting …

Update to OmniFocus To Do List Script

I've updated the Applescript to generate daily To Do lists from OmniFocus.

The change in the script is on line #52 so completed tasks are filter out of your results. The new line is:

set refDueTaskList to a reference to (flattened tasks where (due date ≥ CurrDate and due date < endDatetxt …

Setting Referential Due Dates in OmniFocus

OmniFocus has been my primary task management app for quite a while now. One feature I requested a while back is a setting that allows OmniFocus to have referential Due Date entry based on the task's Defer Date. The idea is if I have a deferred date in the future …

Better Asset Reliability through GTD

Normally when you talk to someone in the engineering, maintenance or reliability fields about the subject of better productivity, their minds usually jump to ways to increase the productivity of what they are working on - better throughput in the factory, increased wrench time, decreased down time, etc.

So when do …