Better Asset Reliability through GTD

Normally when you talk to someone in the engineering, maintenance or reliability fields about the subject of better productivity, their minds usually jump to ways to increase the productivity of what they are working on - better throughput in the factory, increased wrench time, decreased down time, etc.

So when do …

Setting default Defer/Due time on iOS

For many a geek, last week felt like an early Christmas. Apple released the lastest verion of iOS and many developers released updates to their flagship applications for iOS 8. [1] One of my most anticipated apps was Omnigroup’s update to OmniFocus for the iPad. The updated app hit …

Making the move to FastMail

I recently wrapped a move off of various email platforms to FastMail. As I wrapped this up, I tweeted

Google services dropped:
☒ Calendar
☒ Contacts
☐ Email

The last one is today’s project.
— Jason Verly (@mygeekdaddy) September 1, 2014

The response I got back on that was surprising since I thought …

Managing my digital buckets

Sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious in our day to day routines. When you scan the headlines of most productivity sites you will see a common mantra:

Do more with less.

There's a lot to be said about that simple phrase and it's something I've finally taken to heart. One …

Geek Task Management

Nothing could be further from the truth.1

Edit: Both Clark Globe and Dr. Drang linked to this post. I'm still looking into what happened to the original post, but the important part was the graph above. [2013-04-14]

  1. I wish I could give original attribute to, but that was trickier …