Setting default Defer/Due time on iOS

For many a geek, last week felt like an early Christmas. Apple released the lastest verion of iOS and many developers released updates to their flagship applications for iOS 8. [1] One of my most anticipated apps was Omnigroup’s update to OmniFocus for the iPad. The updated app hit …

Making the move to FastMail

I recently wrapped a move off of various email platforms to FastMail. As I wrapped this up, I tweeted

Google services dropped:
☒ Calendar
☒ Contacts
☐ Email

The last one is today’s project.
— Jason Verly (@mygeekdaddy) September 1, 2014

The response I got back on that was surprising since I thought …

Managing my digital buckets

Sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious in our day to day routines. When you scan the headlines of most productivity sites you will see a common mantra:

Do more with less.

There's a lot to be said about that simple phrase and it's something I've finally taken to heart. One …

Geek Task Management

Nothing could be further from the truth.1

Edit: Both Clark Globe and Dr. Drang linked to this post. I'm still looking into what happened to the original post, but the important part was the graph above. [2013-04-14]

  1. I wish I could give original attribute to, but that was trickier …